Aircraft insurance is the coverage of all major risks, regardless of whether the aircraft is in the air or on the ground. If the ship is damaged or destroyed, the insurance policy provides the amount of insurance coverage.


For example, in the event of a crash or fueling with inappropriate fuel, the insurer will pay for the repair or replacement of the aircraft. Aviation ship insurance also reimburses all losses except for those who are excluded in private. The exceptions are: illegal use of aircraft, use of aircraft for purposes not described in the policy; wear; Control of the aircraft by someone not mentioned in the policy; Flights beyond specified geographical boundaries; Damage or destruction of an aircraft as a result of war, unrest, strikes and public unrest, mechanical damage, failure of design and conversion. Reimbursement of the fuselage also includes instruments, radio equipment, autopilots, wings, engines and other equipment listed in the policy.


The insurer company reviews your application and appoints additional checks to identify risks when providing you with an insurance policy. In exchange for taking risks, the company will charge you an additional fee. This amount directly depends on how many risks the insurer takes. Many countries require the insurance of aircraft insurance covering the aircraft and the flight, from their owners or operators. At a minimum, usually states prescribe the coverage of liability to third parties. This also applies to harming third parties resulting from the flight of your aircraft. In addition, if your aircraft is in a collateral, the lender will require the presence of fuselage insurance to secure the loan. Therefore, the existence of an insurance policy for aircraft owners is mandatory and fully justifies the cost of its acquisition.


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