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Sky Capital specialization in structuring and arranging the finance for High Net Worth Clients looking to purchase Private Aircraft. A significant proportion of the value that we add is ensuring that this process is as smooth as possible. Sky Capital added value is in making the right financing solution available to clients, keeping their specific requirements at the forefront of every stage in the process. An integral part of our methodology is project managing multiple key components that fall outside of our direct mandate, but which need to be in place in order for the financing to happen. We draw on our in depth knowledge and experience to ensure that these pieces of the puzzle are not overlooked. This approach keeps the transaction together and ensures that the finance completes. Despite liquidity in all sectors being affected since the events of 2008, the aviation industry has retained a lot of lending participants. Banks and other lending institutions generally consider Business Jets to be liquid assets and therefore easier to resell in the event of a repossession. Moreover, the value of the assets as a business enabler makes them an indispensable tool retaining their value. Sky Capital portfolio is continually evolving and consists of asset only lenders, aviation-specific funds and export credit funding making us well placed to provide our clients with the best solutions. The terms that are achievable for our clients are shown below:


-Loan to Values up to 90%
-Loan terms up to 10 years
-Margins ranging from 200 to 500 bps, either over 1 or 3 month Libor
-Balloon payment structures of up to 50% of the loan amount


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