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A220 aircraft allowed to perform long flights over water

Canadian aviation authorities allowed the Airbus A220 aircraft (previously - the Bombardier CSeries) to fly to ETOPS standards (with one engine that failed) for up to 180 minutes. Certification applies to both aircraft modifications (A220-100 and A220-300). The A220 was the first aircraft to receive the ETOPS certificate from the Canadian Department of Transport. Airbus clarified for that the FAA and EASA certificate approval process has been launched. Thanks to obtaining an ETOPS certificate, an aircraft capable of overcoming almost 6,000 km will now be able to carry out long-haul non-stop flights between cities such as London and New York. Obtaining an Airbus A220 ETOPS 180 certificate will allow airlines to operate these aircraft on long-haul routes over water, as well as operate flights to remote and underserved regions. The ETOPS 180 will be offered as one of the options to the operators of the A220-100 and A220-300 aircraft. If this option is implemented, the flight time to the nearest alternate aerodrome, where it is possible to make an emergency landing in case of failure of one of the engines, will increase to 180 minutes.

The maximum range of the Airbus A220 is 5920 km. ETOPS certification will allow the liner to make non-stop flights on such routes as, for example, London (United Kingdom) - New York (USA), Seoul (South Korea) - Darwin (Australia), Honolulu (Hawaii, USA) - Los Angeles (USA ), Auckland (New Zealand) - Papeete (French Polynesia), as well as Antananarivo (Madagascar) - Mumbai (India). The Airbus A220 aircraft was the only aircraft in its class, combining the ability to approach on a steep glidepath and the ability to perform long-haul flights, said Rob Dewar, head of customer service and technical head of the A220 program. In the summer of this year, the US aviation industry approved ETOPS standards for up to 180 minutes for Pratt & Whitney PW1500G turbofan engines installed on A220. Now the Airbus order book includes 537 A220 aircraft. Recall that, thanks to the fact that in the summer of 2018, control over the Bombardier CSeries program was obtained, the European aircraft manufacturer was able to increase the number of aircraft delivered in 2018 by 11% compared with 2017. Note. ETOPS - norms and special requirements for flying on a twin-engine aircraft over non-reference terrain, developed by the ICAO in the mid-80s. According to the ETOPS standards, the route of a twin-engine aircraft must be built in such a way that it is constantly within the limits of a certain flight time to the nearest airfield, where it would be possible to make an emergency landing in case of failure of one of the engines.

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