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European aircraft manufacturer Airbus ceases production of the largest aircraft in its lineup - A380

Deliveries of "whales" will stop in 2021. This is reported on the website of the European aircraft manufacturer. The reason - in the absence of demand from the airlines. Last year, the concern managed to realize only 12 A380. The numbers are quite low compared to other Airbus “models”: A220 - 20 units, A320 - 626, A330 - 49, A350 - 93.

Currently, the main "holder" of wide-bodied A380 is Emirates airline. The Arab carrier has long been a regular customer of the concern. In the coming years, Airbus planned to deliver Emirates 53 cars, but the customer revised his policy and reduced the order to 14 airliners. The Arab airline intends to replace the A380 with smaller aircraft - A350XWB or A330neo.

After this, as the order will be executed Emirates and delivered 3 aircraft of the Japanese ANA, the manufacturer will remain, in fact, without buyers for their giants.

Australian Qantas Airways could have saved the situation, but, as Uralinformbyuro previously reported, the carrier withdrew an order to purchase eight new wide-body A380-800. The company sees in its fleet more economical Boeing 787, 777X or A350.

Experts explain the unpopularity of the liner by its size and "gluttony." The plane consumes 34-40% more fuel than other cars. In the conditions of today's economic situation and prices for kerosene, this factor turns out to be fundamental for potential A380 buyers.

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