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New Airbus A220 allowed to fly across the ocean

The new Airbus A220 aircraft received ETOPS-180 certification, which allows it to make long flights over the ocean: for example, from London to New York, from California to Hawaii or from India to Madagascar. ETOPS stands for Extended range twin engine operational performance standards: this certification regulates route planning so that the plane, crossing the oceans, deserts or poles, is within a certain flight time to the nearest airfield capable of receiving this type of aircraft. Due to this, if one of the engines fails, it will be able to reach the emergency aerodrome with guarantee: of course, on one engine, the plane will fly to the destination in principle, but for safety reasons, in case of a second failure, the maximum flight duration is limited. The time is indicated in minutes, that is, ETOPS-180 means 3 hours of flight to the nearest aerodrome.

Different planes and airlines are certified for different flight times, and in recent years there has been a tendency to increase this time. 5 years ago, the typical time was 60-120 minutes, and 180 or 240 for large aircraft was rare, and now the Airbus A350XWB has the maximum ETOPS-370 certification, and the Boeing-777 and 787 - ETOPS-330; this makes it possible to abandon the more expensive and more fuel-consuming four-engine aircraft even on routes like Sydney-Santiago (this is the longest commercial route in the world that passes over the ocean). Interestingly, the A220 was the first in its class aircraft capable of performing a steep approach (descending from a glide path from a wide angle, which is important for airports that are among densely built, for example, London City), and long-haul flights (flight range is up to 5920 km). Structurally, the Airbus A220 compares favorably with other aircraft on the market by the extensive use of composite materials and aluminum-lithium alloys - due to this, for example, the CS300 is 6 tons lighter than the Airbus A319neo and consumes 20% less fuel with similar passenger capacity and flight range. Benefits for passengers are huge luggage racks, allowing each of them (and not two thirds) to take along a standard Cabin Size suitcase, large windows and wide seats - 1 inch wider than Airbus and 2 inches wider than Boeing Airbus A220 was first introduced to the public in July 2018. True, he made his first flight back in 2013 and was originally called the Bombardier C-Series (CS100 and CS300). Several serial cars were launched that fly from Korean Air, Swiss and airBaltic. The planes turned out to be so promising that the European concern recalled the principle: “if the riots cannot be fought, then they must be headed” and in October 2017 acquired 50.01% of the C-Series program. Bombardier has 31% left, another 19% - from private investors (through the Investissement Quebec fund). The transaction was closed on July 1, 2018. Aircraft are still being manufactured in Canada at Bombardier’s plants, but Airbus plans to launch a second production line at its plant in Alabama (USA) in 2020. This is very important: Boeing, trying to compete with Bombardier, lobbied through the Trump administration to introduce a 300 percent duty for importing aircraft produced in other countries. Bombardier could not build a plant in the United States, but Airbus has one, so the deal was inevitable. Boeing responded by setting up a joint venture with the Brazilian Embraer.

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