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Sales of Boeing 737 aircraft fell after the ban on flying model Boeing 737MAX8

After two air crashes with the newest Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and a ban on its operation in many countries, sales of the aircraft manufacturer dropped sharply. Shipments of Boeing 737 aircraft declined in the second quarter of 2019 more than doubled compared with the first, follows from the company's report. In total, the manufacturer sent 239 commercial aircraft to customers since the beginning of the year, and only 90 of them came in the second quarter. If in the first three months of the year Boeing delivered the 89 Boeing 737 to airlines, from April to July the corporation sent only 24 such liners to customers. The company also did not sell a single Boeing 737 MAX in the second quarter: after two air crashes with planes of this model, regulators in many countries suspended their operation. Suspended flights of Boeing 737 MAX, including in Russia and the United States.

According to Reuters, in the first half of the year, the Boeing Co corporation sold significantly fewer aircraft than its main competitor, the European company Airbus, which reported on deliveries for the first half of 389 vehicles. If this supply trend continues, by the end of the year, an American company could lose the title of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer and for the first time in eight years, give up a European competitor, the agency indicates. On July 7, it became known that Boeing Corporation lost the contract for the supply of 30 aircraft of the 737 MAX model of the Saudi airline Flyadeal (owned by Saudia). In total, the value of the contract was to be $ 5.9 billion. However, Flyadeal chose to enter into a contract with Airbus. This manufacturer will supply the aircraft of the 320th model to the Saudi carrier. In October 2018, a 737 MAX aircraft of Lion Air airlines crashed in Indonesia (189 people died) and in March 2019, six minutes after taking off in the vicinity of Addis Ababa, the same Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed to Kenya.

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