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Success of the Airbus A220 program

After Airbus acquired the CSeries program from Canadians, new and large orders are now received for its A220 model. JetBlue has recently confirmed the purchase of 60 units of A220-300. At the same time, a new startup from the US, the airline Moxy, also orders 60 A220-300 machines. “Coming closer to our company’s 20th anniversary, the impressive efficiency and savings of the A220, combined with the outstanding performance of our existing Airbus A320, A321 and A321neo fleets, will help us ensure the best onboard experience and meet our cost requirements,” said Robin Hayes, President JetBlue. Currently, the airline is already using 193 Airbus of two types: A320 and A321ceo. “JetBlue has proven that there is no contradiction between a low-cost airline and a high-quality product. Buying her an A220 proves that an airplane meets these two criteria better than any alternative in this segment. We thank JetBlue and congratulate her on this big development step, ”said Christian Scherer, Airbus Commercial Director. Currently, the JetBlue Airways fleet consists of 253 aircraft: 130 A320 aircraft, 63 - A321 and 60 - E190. The airline expects delivery of 151 Airbus airliners: 60 A220-300, six A321 and 85 A321neo / A321neo LR. A new startup from the USA, working under the name Moxy, confirmed its order to purchase 60 A220-300 aircraft, the deposit for which was made during the Farnborough air show in 2018.

Moxy is a new venture led by David Neilman, one of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the industry, and the founder of well-known US budget airline JetBlue, Canadian WestJet, and now also co-owner of Brazilian low-cost airline Azul and Portuguese airline TAP. In the latter case, Neilman saved the bankruptcy company and forced the unprofitable Portuguese national carrier to finally work with profit.

Plans for a new budget airline operating under the Moxy brand were announced at the Farnborough Air Show last July. It is assumed that it will fly mainly in the United States, although its creator is convinced that it will also launch intercontinental communications between Europe and the United States.

“Airbus A220-300 is a suitable aircraft for a new airline that will focus on very good passenger services and their satisfaction. Due to low operating costs and a spacious cabin, the A220 will allow passengers to offer lower fares, as well as high quality and flight comfort. The A220’s ability to generate profit in small and weak markets is also unique. ”

The name of the new line is likely to change, since the entrepreneur was ahead of Marriott, who called it one of the brands in its hotel chain. Once known as the Bombardier CSeries, and now the Airbus A220, the latest product from a Canadian manufacturer is a twin-engine single-aisle medium-range aircraft. The family of cars was originally divided into two models: CS100 and CS300, currently A220-100 and A220-200, which will take on board from 110/120 to 145/160 passengers.

The production of these machines was greatly delayed - the start of operation of the aircraft was planned in 2013. Due to weak sales and high production costs, Bombardier was in a difficult financial situation and the project was saved in 2014 thanks to funding from the regional government of the Canadian province of Quebec, and last year Airbus purchased more than half of the share. At the moment, 522 A220 machines have been ordered: 123 A220-100 and 399 A220-300. Already delivered 49 aircraft of this type. Airbus has announced that construction of a new A220 final assembly line will begin this month for the US market, which will be launched in Mobile, Alabama, along with the existing A320 assembly line.

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