14 new Airbus A220-300 delivered in leasing (or sales to the terms of the financial credit).

Delivery 4Q2019. The larger member of the Airbus A220 Family – the Airbus A220-300 – was specifically designed and purpose-built for the 130-160 seat market. It represents the fusion of performance and technology, allowing airlines to connect distant points on continents or sectors that were previously unprofitable or impossible. The Airbus A220-300’s advanced aerodynamics combined with specifically-designed Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1500G geared turbofan engines contribute to an aircraft that delivers 20% lower fuel burn per seat than previous generation aircraft, half the noise footprint, and decreased emissions, making it a true community-minded jetliner. Both members of the A220 Family share commonality in more than 99% of the line-replaceable units (LRUs), as well as the same family of engines – meaning operators can fly both versions and at a significant cost savings. Flight crews with the same pilot type rating, as well as cabin personnel, will enjoy a seamless transition between the A220-300 and A220-100, greatly reducing complexity and training costs. The new family from Airbus is the A220 regional aircraft from the Canadian Airbus division. New Canadian-made regional planes, the Airbus A220, previously called the Bombardier CS100 and CS300, are increasingly found in the operation of many airlines. The aircraft were positioned by the manufacturer Bombardier, and now Airbus Canada, as quiet and spacious due to the increase in space compared to competing models. avianews.com traveled aboard an Airbus A220-300 (CS300) aircraft to find out if the aircraft is deservedly called one of the best in the middle class. The seating pitch in the 145-seat layout of the Airbus A220-300 is quite comfortable, however, this parameter depends primarily on the customer and can be reduced by installing 3 additional rows of chairs, bringing the total capacity to 160 seats. Airbus A220-300 is now in this class of regional aircraft has the best indicators of economy and economic efficiency, this is important and beneficial for airlines. Airbus A220-300 while in its class has no competitors in the profitability of commercial exploitation.


  • Airbus A220 Specifications
    Variant A220-100 (BD-500-1A10) A220-300 (BD-500-1A11)
    Cockpit crew 2 pilots
    Passengers 116 typical / 135 max[178] 141 typical / 160 max
    Seat pitch 28–36 in (71–91 cm) in Y/J 28–38 in (71–97 cm) in Y/J
    Seat width 18.5 to 20 in (47 to 51 cm)
    Cargo volume 838 cu ft / 23.7 m³ 1,116 cu ft / 31.6 m³
    Length 114 ft 9 in / 35.0 m 127 ft 0 in / 38.7 m
    Wing 115 ft 1 in / 35.1 m span, 1,209 sq ft / 112.3 m² area (10.97 AR)
    Height 37 ft 8 in / 11.5 m
    Fuselage diameter 12 ft 2 in / 3.7 m
    Cabin 129.0 in / 3.28 m width, 83.0 in / 2.11 m height
    Cabin length 77 ft 10 in / 23.7 m[179] 90 ft 1 in / 27.5 m
    MTOW 134,000 lb / 60,781 kg 149,000 lb / 67,585 kg
    Maximum payload 33,350 lb / 15,127 kg 41,250 lb / 18,711 kg
    OEW 77,650 lb (35,221 kg) 81,750 lb (37,081 kg)
    Fuel capacity 21,918 l (5,790 USg) \ 39,080 lb (17,726 kg)
    Range 2,760 nmi (5,110 km) 3,100 nmi (5,740 km)
    Cruise speed Mach .82 (470 kn; 871 km/h) max, Mach .78 (447 kn; 829 km/h) typical
    Takeoff (MTOW) 4,800 ft / 1,463 m 6,200 ft / 1,890 m
    Landing (MLW) 4,550 ft / 1,387 m 4,950 ft / 1,509 m
    Ceiling 41,000 ft / 12,497 m
    Engines 2× Pratt & Whitney PW1500G
    Unit thrust 18,900-23,300 lbf / 84.1-103.6 kN 21,000-23,300 lbf / 93.4-103.6 kN
    ICAO Type BCS1 BCS3
  • But what exactly can not be reduced - the width of the seats. It is larger than the Boeing and Airbus models developed in Europe, and it is 18.5 inches, while the middle seat has an even greater width - 19 inches.

    The layout of the cabin is placed according to the 2 + 3 scheme, while in the A320 and Boeing 737 the seats are arranged according to the 3 + 3 scheme. Thanks to this, only one passenger in each row has no access to the aisle or window, but, as mentioned above, this is compensated for by the greater width of the central seat.




    I had to fly a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the windows on which are really huge. Bombardier also decided to work in this direction and got exit windows, which are about a quarter more than those of medium-haul competitors.


    Large windows A220-300.


    Passengers will also definitely like the fact that now they don’t need to search the Internet for a description of the airplanes to avoid stubs instead of windows in their row, because all rows in A220-300 with windows, and some even with two.




    Toilets in A220-300 two. They are placed in such a way that they do not eat up additional rows of seats in the cabin, which is important for airlines, and allow even a large passenger or a passenger with a child to accommodate it comfortably.




    The interior lighting of the A220-300 can change the color shade.
    In the A220-300, interior lighting can change its shade and turn on smoothly, which in the dark does not “hit” in the eyes. This option has already become familiar to the new Boeing 737 with Sky Interior, for the first time on Bombardier.

    Information system

    Information board in the cabin A220-300, for its A220-300 chose a common information system in the form of small screens, which are located above each row of seats.

    The screen is small, but has very high details. It shows safety briefing, map and flight information. Transit passengers will appreciate the function of displaying information about transit flights - even before arrival they can already know exactly the latest information on the exact departure number of their next flight. Headphone jacks do not, because all the audio is transmitted through the usual speakers, with which the crew makes announcements.




    Bombardier, and now Airbus Canada is positioning the A220 as the quietest in the segment. I can not say that it is much quieter than a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 in flight, but definitely quieter during takeoff.


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