Airframe: The A321 typically accommodates 185 passengers in a two-class configuration (16 in business class and 169 in economy) – while offering unbeatable economics in high-density seating (with up to 220 passengers) for charter and low-cost operators. 

Interior: While passengers benefit from the A321’s state-of-the-art cabin design, airlines profit from the unique operational versatility of Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft – with the option to provide wider seats and enhanced comfort; a markedly wider aisle for faster boarding and easier cabin movement; and even a hybrid layout. Overall passenger comfort is further enhanced by the A321’s optional in-flight entertainment systems.

The A320 Family’s wide fuselage also offers unmatched cargo capability for operators. Its four members are the only single-aisle aircraft offering containerised cargo, with the A321 capable of carrying up to 10 standard LD3-46W containers in the lower deck holds – enabling interlining without special ground handling equipment.



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