Boeing 737-500 is a medium-haul passenger aircraft designed for short and medium-haul airlines. The aircraft complies with all modern world safety requirements and environmental parameters and can operate in the airspace of Russia, Europe and America. The Boeing 737-500 passenger plane (Boeing 737-500) is the smallest representative of the classic series (Boeing 737 Classic) of the Boeing 737 family of aircraft and has a shorter fuselage and increased flight range compared to the basic model of the series - 737-300.Commercial operation of the Boeing 737-500 began in 1990. Serial production continued until 1999, 389 aircraft were produced during this period. The Boeing 737-500 was replaced by the 737-600.



  • Maximum number of people: 126
    Range, km: 3500
    Maximum flight height, m: 10700
    Cruising speed, km / h: 820
    Wingspan, m: 28.88
    Length, m: 31.01
    Height, m: 11.15
    Maximum take-off weight, kg: 60554
    Maximum landing weight, kg: 49865

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